The Bergen Family - Bergen's In the Corn

The Bergen Family - Bergen's In the Corn

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Life of An Adult

I know that I have been AWOL for a while on here.  Well, there is a lot to catch up on.  First and foremost, my last real blog post talked about my mom's birthday and having to pay extra for one of her cards.  Well, the second card that I sent was a "talking card".  That makes it extra thick.  Also, they have a tendency to break, so I put a paper towel inside the card.  And that card didn't require extra postage??!?  And I used ghetto stamps on it?!?!?!  Strange mail man we must have back in Henderson.  I just had to follow up on that post.

So, work was really not great starting the week of March 17th.  That started me being very stressed.  I do not appreciate being yelled at and treated poorly.  Rewinding a bit - this business started just back in January.  It is very new and not well established in anything.  Also, I have had no training whatsoever.  I was never told what I was supposed to do, where I was supposed to find files, and never given user names and passwords for programs that I needed access to.  So when I am yelled at for something that is not my problem, well, I have a problem with that.  There were multiple issues and red flags raised during this week.

The next week, I did what I was supposed to do on Monday and sent out all my files.  I thought that finally I would be caught up and could have some peace.  The next morning, I had another rude email telling me that I had done wrong, when I had not been informed on the matter in the first place.  This was Tuesday, March 25th.  I texted my mom that morning that if this kept up, that I would quit my job.

Later that day, everyone had left early and I was the only one remaining in the office other than my boss.  Thinking that I was going to be discussing the president of the business having problems with me, the new travel arrangements, or why the president wanted a bed in the office, I stepped in to the office of the vice president.

I was fired.  With no warning.  The one person who was actually doing work the entire day, the person who processed payroll, the person who came early, did not fall asleep at the desk, who worked overtime, who unlocked the doors for everyone else, was fired.  I was a wreck.  I remember saying, "How can this be happening again?!?"

Sobbing, I called my mom full of rage.  I was on the phone for the longest I have ever been on the phone that night.  I hadn't even gotten comfortable financially yet and I was without a job again.

I went in to work the next morning to finish up things, show others how thing were done and where files were at, and deleted my emails.  I have been applying for jobs ever since.

Today, April 3rd, I had a phone interview with Michelle Leo Events.  I have been following her work since November and have loved everything she has done.  I sent my resume and portfolio this Tuesday and heard back a few hours later.  Today, I was contacted and we went over my resume and details of the business.  I have been welcomed to the team!!!  This is basically my dream job.  She works with high-end clients and there are weddings at some great locations here in Utah.  This will only be part-time, so I am still looking for something else, but had I not been fired last week, I would not have sent my resume this week.  Did I mention that their deadline for making decisions at Michelle Leo Events is tomorrow?  It worked out perfectly!!

While I am still unhappy about what happened and how poorly I was treated, I feel like (as soon as I get my severance pay) I can forget about those not-even-two-months at Color Me Rad Expos and move on to bigger, better, and prettier things.  Besides, I'm pretty sure that as a start-up business, they will not make the one year mark and I am glad that I am out of there.

Anyway, I'm thrilled about working with Michelle Leo Events and I think it is going to be a wonderful experience!!  We have a dessert meeting next Saturday.  I need a new outfit!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ski the Difference

Here are some gorgeous pictures that have been on some local ski resorts Instagram accounts.  Thought I would share!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You've Got Mail

Once upon a time, I bought my mom a birthday card.  I set it on my table and stacked things over it for weeks.  I found it last week and figured I should get it in the mail.  This week, the card was delivered to my mom; however, the mail man required a fee.  Twenty-one more cents for the card.  This wasn't even a singing card and had no note for additional postage.  I laughed so hard because....

Once upon a time, I bought my mom a birthday card a few weeks ago and set it on my table.  This was a singing card.  I decided that I should go through some things on my table and found another card.  Oh no!!  Two cards, equally wonderful!  I decided to send both.  However, the mail is not always the most delicate process and usually singing cards end up as regular or distorted sounding cards.  So, I placed a paper towel in the middle of this second card.  The first card required extra postage and I had a stupid forever stamp.  This second card, I used my last of the old stamps that I had - one 41 cent stamp, one four cent stamp, one one cent stamp, and one three cent stamp.  They probably won't even think that it is stamps from America!  If the first card required extra postage...well, who knows how much this one will cost.  I think the postal worker is pocketing the extra coinage he requires.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

March Madness

My life is a very busy one anymore.  I did get a job quicker than I anticipated, so I wasn't able to be completely unpacked when I started working.  And because I have been working, I haven't had much free time.  My weekends have pretty much been devoted to keeping my place clean, putting the remaining things away, doing laundry, and running errands.  It has been extremely busy and overwhelming.  Last week I was finally able to clear out my living room and get everything situated.  I do not have anything on the walls and I don't know if I will ever get to that.

As with my apartment in Lincoln, I like my unit; however, there have been some problems.  First of all, the apartment was not deep cleaned when I moved in.  That slowed down my unpacking process significantly.  I am happy to say that I have deep cleaned about ninety percent of my place, but still haven't gotten to a few areas.  Secondly, there is a smoking problem here and it is horrible.  Almost every night between ten and eleven, someone nearby starts smoking marijuana.  It is so strong and I have fought three colds since moving in in January.  Today was also my first time smelling just regular cigarette smoke here, too.  That has been my biggest complaint.  Not only is marijuana illegal, but it is obnoxious.  While we are on complaints, my third issue is that the person above me sounds like they are walking on the deck of a boat or on barn wood.  I am assuming that this apartment was not built with quality building material.  But, I do like my unit.  Just not some of the problems here.

Work has been good.  Some times it is busy, other times it is not.  My job mostly depends on the three sales guys we have.  Productivity has been slow and that has been an issue.  I have been sorting through resumes of a fourth sales person and we have started interviews.  I really enjoy critiquing resumes.  I feel like it is my calling in life!  I feel like this next week will be really busy, but that will give me something to stay busy with during the day.

I took some panoramic pictures of my work space the other day and am including them on this post.  It is very plain and the white walls are killing me!!  But I do hope that we eventually make the office into something more interesting to look at.  To see a larger picture, click on it.  On the second picture, my space is behind the ugly tile desk to the left.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The First Four Weeks

I haven't posted in almost a month.  I can't believe it!!!  I don't think I posted at all during the Olympics.  I'm shocked.  I will give an update.

My life for the past almost five weeks goes like this:

Each day I have eight alarms set for myself.  They begin going off at 6:20 am.  I usually get up between 6:45 and 6:50.  Yeah, it takes that much effort between alarms and snoozed alarms to get me out of bed.  Do you understand yet, mom?  It is the hardest part of my day.

I get up and take Littleberry with me to my bathroom and he sits in one of his many beds and watches me.  I wash my face, debate whether or not I can wear contacts that day or not, and then choose the outfit I want for the day.  I am very grateful that my work is a very casual environment.  All of us wear jeans.  I do my hair, and then feed Littleberry.  I wait for him to finish his breakfast and I put on makeup and choose some jewelry for the day.  He then gets to run around a little bit and I turn on the TV for him to have on during the day.  I eat some breakfast or get something to take with.  I grab my water and maybe take some things with me to look at during the day, like files, bills, phone numbers, etc.  I'm out the door between 7:30 and 7:40.  I get frustrated trying to turn left on State Street and eventually I get across.  I don't just have one lane, or even three lanes to cross.  I have seven lanes to get across.  I might stop to get some breakfast on the way.  I get to work between 7:48 and 7:58.  I might check the mail.  Then I make my way up either 36 steps (inside) or 38 steps (outside), I clock in, and start my day with checking the time clock for everyone in the office, checking my email, Skype for phone calls, and other stuff.  Then I start working on the day's tasks.

So far, so good.  I don't have much to complain about.  I work with all guys.  Sometimes the room where the three sales guys is smells, and sometimes they don't clock in or clock out, but I'll survive.

I've been having a hard time with Littleberry.  He wants a lot more attention from me.  He already loved all attention on him, but now he wants more.  I bought him a toy last week as well as some dog jerky.  He seems to suddenly enjoy toys a lot more.  In fact, he never played with toys until this last month.  It's fun to see him playing!  He also was groomed last week and looks gorgeous.

That really is about all I know.  I'm super tired and even though it is just after 9:00, I think I am going to get my shower and head to bed.  I'm finally getting things in place here.  My living rom is finally cleared out!!!  I'm including panoramic pictures of my bathroom in this post because it is the only room that is "finished."  I like my shower curtain.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Post Everyone Has Been Waiting For

Last time I posted, I still did not have a job.  On Wednesday, January 29th, I finally got a call back and I did get the job that I interviewed for!!!!  I was so happy and excited.  It was the best feeling I have had in such a long time!!!  I went to the Cheesecake Factory, which is right down the street, and bought myself a celebratory piece of cheesecake.  I was to start that Friday, January 31st.

I went to my first day of work.  We were still at the old office that is right at the base of the mountains.  In fact, a lot of skiers and snowboarders park along that road and go to Snowbird for the day.  I just was there for about three hours and tended to some paperwork and loading software and getting accounts set up on my new personal work laptop.  How exciting is that?!?!  It is even a touchscreen.  The funny thing is, I'm not familiar with Windows anymore so I feel illiterate.

Also on last Friday, I went and set up a bank account here.  That was something that made me feel very grown up.  Setting up bank accounts and stuff.  I'm glad I did that last week, even though I really did not want to spend my free time doing that.  It was a good thing to get done because one day I will get paid and can have money from that account!  It's been a while since I have had cash because I haven't had a local bank accessible for a few years.

Last Saturday, and the weekend in general, was kind of busy because I tried to get as much done as possible since I knew that I would be busy for the foreseeable future.  I was busy all day Saturday from the moment I woke up until I went to bed.  It was exhausting!!!

Last Sunday, I went to a different church that is in the area and it seemed better than the other one.  I have been a wanderer.  The only downside about this church is that they meet at 9:00, not 1:00.  But, I can get an epic nap in!  Last Sunday, I went to a Super Bowl party with the Laytons and I took some truffles.  I think they were a hit.

Monday I didn't have to be at work until 10:00.  We were in our new building for the first time, so the day was spent buying supplies for the office and getting everything set up.  I had two days of going to work at ten, two days of going in at nine, and now it will be eight...forever.  It was nice to get acclimated to the early horrific mornings....

I have gone to a wonderful bagel place a few times recently.  It is called Einstein Bros. Bagels and I love it.  There is this blueberry breakfast pastry that I love, as well as a chocolate chip crumb cake.  I had a bagel and a scone another day.

This week has been such a busy week and I think I will be tired for years.  I have been making an effort to go to bed earlier, which is huge for me!  The past few years, it has not been unusual for me to go to bed around one or two in the morning.  Plus, if I was ever reading a book or book series, it definitely was not unusual for me to still be up at three or four in the morning.  Even when I was working at State Farm, I still didn't really go to bed early.  I'm trying to start out good at this job and be better with going to bed.

But, even with going to bed better, I still have been waking up tired.  I haven't felt awful, but by Friday, I could not put my contacts in that morning (I tried and failed).  It has been a busy week and has been a big adjustment.  I'm trying to wake up and give myself plenty of time and so far it is working out for me.  A few mornings this past week, I did stop at the bagel place.  That at least gives me something to look forward to in the morning.

On Tuesday, the sales guys started at work.  Until they start getting people to fill out contracts and commit to expo spaces, I will not have much to do.

Let me take a moment and try to describe what it is that I am doing at work:

The legal name of this business is "Awesome Sauce Productions".  I really like that and think it is perfect!!  For business, we will be saying "Color Me Rad Expos".  Color Me Rad is a 5K fun run race.  It has become very popular the past few years as well as other 5K fun runs, such as a glow run (where you wear neon and have glow stick "jewelry", jingle bell run, turkey trot, and many other races.  This is different from just "The Color Run", but similar.  There is a website here:  If someone calls my phone line, I will be saying "Rad Expos".  So, either of those three names works.  Color Me Rad had over one million participants last year.  These races are all over the United States and even all over the world.  Our particular office is focusing on the United States as well as Canada.  The sales guys are taking the chronological list of race cities and calling local businesses to see if they are interested in purchasing an expo space at these races.  Once they have a business that has committed to purchasing a space, I will work on processing the sale.

In addition to working with Color Me Rad, we are also associated with "The Dirty Dash".  The Dirty Dash is a race that involves mud and obstacles and straggly has become very popular.  Here is that website:  So far, we have not been doing anything with that, but I think it will be similar with everything that we are working on for the Color Me Rad races.

My responsibilities have been mainly with the office side of things.  I create documents, fax things, email things, and try to answer questions.  I will also be in charge of payroll.  With all these responsibilities, there is some complex website that manages everything.  That is what I have mainly been doing this week - becoming familiar with each website.

The only big thing this week happened yesterday.  So, it was Friday and was trudging to work.  I’m the first there and I crawl up the stairs to the third floor.  I unlock the outside door and then I hear something like, “Motion!  Detected!  Intruder!”  And then it starts flashing and sirens are going off.  No one ever informed any of us that there was some fruity alarm system!!!  So, I go outside and make a call to Russ and then he makes a few calls so I can get this darn thing off.  After what seemed like days, I finally got the code to “disarm” the system.  I really thought that a SWAT team was going to start jumping down and crashing through the windows and tackling me to the ground.  Or someone was going to come up the stairs and shoot me with a taser.  It really was quite awful!!

Then, at approximately 4:57, an elderly gentleman comes in and starts telling me about the alarm system and how he thinks one of us set it off yesterday evening.  He went through everything with me and I finally left at 5:40.  A very long day and a very long lecture all about the alarm system and the different options and procedures you must go through.  He also mentioned that I could have been arrested if the police came when I set off the alarm system since I did not have a code.  Glad that didn't happen!!  Also, what landlord fails to mention anything about that and does not give out a code?!?!?

Last night was the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics.  I love the Olympics and I think it has come at a good time for me.  I hope that are good and there is no funny business in Russia.  I will be watching as much as I can the next two weeks.

Today I was able to sleep in and get some things done.  Laundry is always looming over my head, but it is done for today.  I don't plan on doing much this weekend because I'm tired and just want to live on my couch.

I haven't had much of a chance to take any pictures or go anywhere scenic yet since being here, but I am including some pictures that have been on the Facebook pages that I follow of places that are here.  I mainly just love seeing the mountains everyday.  Going to work is a bit easier with a view of the mountains always in front of me.  Now, inside the office, I don't really have much of a view, but I know they are there!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Updated Blog

For those who follow my blog or receive automatic emails when I post, I have completely updated my blog.  This includes new formatting, new biography updates, new tabs at the top, and new picture button links on the right side.

I have added a new "Instagram" link on the picture button to the right.  These picture buttons are automatic links to what they say.  So, for example, the Instagram button will take you to my Instagram page on the web.  You can see what my latest uploaded pictures are.

I have taken various things out of my blog that I have considered to be outdated.

Hope everyone enjoys the new page!!