The Bergen Family - Bergen's In the Corn

The Bergen Family - Bergen's In the Corn

Friday, October 17, 2014

Busy Days Before the Move

My last post was already a week ago!!!  Time has been flying by.  I wish it would slow down a little so I could get more done.

I was approved for my new apartment and went to sign my lease on Wednesday.  It is a super cute little place.  It is smaller than my other apartments.  Probably by about one hundred square feet.  But it will be great.  The bathroom is an improvement as well as the appliances in the kitchen.  It has a nice view and nothing can compare to having a washer and dryer!!!  Plus, the garage parking.  I'm also a fan that there are cameras in the garage as well as the entries.  And, there is an elevator.

Everything has happened really fast.  I don't feel in control of anything.  I'm glad things are moving forward, but it has been super chaotic.

I will be making the move next Wednesday.  I'm thinking about taking a load on Monday and / or Tuesday of some breakable items and things I do not want handled by others.

This week was Littleberry's birthday!!!  He spent the day at the groomers being pampered and trimmed up.  He looks nice because he is less fluffy for this lovely sweater weather.  He has been wearing his sweater since his haircut.  He looks nice in a sweater.  Littleberry turned eleven years old on the fourteenth.  He doesn't act his age.  But, then again, he sleeps most of the day and I think that preserves his health.

While Littleberry is the image of health and fashion, Lola did not have a good week.  She wasn't acting well and has not been eating lately.  Mom took her to the vet on Thursday and we found out some terrible news.  Even worse than we were originally expecting.  She has a liver tumor.  We have been so worried about George the past few years and now she is worse off than him.  She is the youngest of the three dogs; however, she is still an old dog.  I am devastated.  There are few words for this sadness.  I am even more sad in knowing that I probably will not be home with either George or Lola again.  They have been part of the family for so long.

I have had a to-do list a mile long recently.  Today, I made all important calls to switch services over to my new place.  I also tended to some other phone calls and such today.  Then, I spent quality time at our favorite local car wash.  You wash your car and then have endless vacuuming time.  I love it!!! Even though I have a very clean car, I like to take care of it.  I spent a long time vacuuming and wiping down the inside of my car.  It looks lovely!!!

Tomorrow will be a relatively busy day.  I have an end of season party with the event planning team.  We are taste-testing at one of our preferred cake vendors tomorrow.  I then will be a guest at some Nebraska friend's wedding reception here in Salt Lake City.  I have been looking forward to seeing some familiar faces for a while.  It will be great to see some friends!!!

Today, I added the "Sports Entertainment" package with Comcast.  I've been watching the Big Ten Network for probably six hours now because it is something familiar.  And, witch luck, there was a classic college football game featured tonight that was a Nebraska win.  And, yes, I have been watching it.  I miss going to games every week.  If I thought about it long enough, tears would probably come to my eyes.  I miss routine.  I have not had routine for a long, long time.

Earlier this evening, my mom and I were discussing some things to do while my parents are here for Christmas.  We want to do a sleigh ride and dinner.  I also mentioned the Ice Castles in Midway tonight and had my mom look at some pictures.  I think those are two things that we will for sure look into.

Well, that is all that I know for now.  I could see this being my last blog written in the Midvale apartment.  I'm not too sad to see it go.  I wish I didn't have to re-do everything in such a short amount of time.  I'm hoping that this new Park City apartment will be a little more longterm.  Fun fact - in the past six years, I have moved seven times.  A few of those were two moves in less than a year.  I lived at Chateau for three years.  That's a lot of moving.  It is so exhausting!!!

It will be some busy days ahead!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Big Week

I will do a quick update on how the rest of this week has been.  So, I interviewed last Saturday, was still unemployed on Monday, offered my job on Tuesday, which brings me to Wednesday.

I spent most of my day in Park City visiting some apartment locations.  The first place I went to I really liked.  It is essentially within walking distance from Olympic Park.  In fact, you can see the location of the aerials from the road.  They said there wasn't an opening until late November.

I drove by a few other apartment locations in Park City and was pretty sketched out.  That's when I went on the mission to talk to someone from the Chamber of Commerce.  Then I was directed to buy a paper.  That was a big moment of my life.  I do not think I have ever purchased a newspaper before!  I had lunch at a pizza place on Main Street and went over my list.

I had one more apartment on my list.  I went off to find that.  The biggest thing I took away from that visit was how rude the leasing office staff was and how many dead flies were on the ground of the apartment they showed me.  Not exaggerating, there were definitely over thirty dead flies on the ground and on top of things and the person reminded me of the person with the hump in Young Frankenstein.  Thank goodness they did not have an opening.

Yesterday was a long day and I had to revise my apartment plan.  I left a voicemail at one of the local churches in Park City.  My prediction is that I will never hear back.  My intent was to go to church in Park City and find out if anyone had a rental property.

Thank goodness things were better today.  I had an email this morning from the first apartment saying that they had a sudden availability because the person who was going to rent did not pass their requirements.  That meant that an immediate availability was up for grabs.  So, I went and signed everything today.

Big adult moment for me.  The first time I have done this all on my own and the first time I have not needed a cosigner.  Kind of sad.  Makes me really feel like I'm an adult.  Hopefully I am approved and I think I could have keys on Monday if they have gone through everything by then.

It is only three dollars more than my apartment now.  But, the best news is that there is parking garage and a washer and dryer in each unit!!!!  No more hauling laundry around in my car and hauling it to the laundry facility.  I would always have bruises on my shoulder.  The garage was a major selling point.  It is like a giant garage and is totally closed off from the elements.  There is also an elevator.  I'm a fan.

Hopefully I hear some good news.  They are having to do a Nebraska background check as well and check with my former apartment in Lincoln.

Big things are happening and I'm super tired.  That's all for now!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Story of the Past Few Months

Let's rewind back to about 12:30 pm on Tuesday October 7, 2014.

I could barely handle the anxiety this morning.  I knew that I should be hearing back between Monday this week and Wednesday.  I was starting to doubt that I would get the position, even though I was reassured that I probably would during my interview.  I started to think that if I didn't get this job, then I would move back home, regroup, and apply from home before moving somewhere else.  I thought about moving to Texas and trying things out down there.

I have grown to detest Utah.  It has done nothing for me but ruin what I had tried so hard to build.  I can pretty much say that I hate Salt Lake City.  If I go outside, I have a runny nose because of the pollution.  There is the constant noise of traffic and a chorus of sirens.  I hate leaving my apartment because I feel like I will get into an altercation.  And do I have to mention that I hate living on State Street?  It is the busiest street in all of Utah.  If I am turning left, I have to wait for there to be no traffic before I can venture over seven lanes of angry traffic.

Today, when I was on the phone with my mom, I could barely contain myself.  Even doing laundry has become an extremely difficult task to perform.  I get anxiety with the smallest of things.

The past month has been unbearable.  I have been at the end of any sanity that I had left.  I essentially stopped sleeping well towards the end of September of last year.  Yeah.  It has been a while and so much stress!!!

On September 2nd, I filled out an application for Montage.  I heard back on the 18th that the position had already been filled.  So, the next day, I sent in another application.  This time, I heard back three days later and had two interviews the next day.  The rest is history and I ended up getting a job.

All along this wretched journey I have said that if I can just get an interview then I would get a job.  Believe it or not, this is the only time I have had an interview.  I sent in so many applications in a variety of places but never made the cut.

So that is a background of how I have been feeling.  I have applied for so many jobs and felt like so many of them would be perfect.  There have been so many that I pictured myself in that particular job and completely had fallen in love with them.  And then I would be crushed when I heard that I wasn't selected.

I have worked so hard the past few years to try and make my life better.  Even in high school, I tried my best to be perfect.  I received many scholarships, participated in a variety of activities, and worked so hard for my GPA to be the highest it could possibly be.

In college, I worked hard as well.  In my major, I had to have three internships.  Each of those was unpaid and lots of time was dedicated.  In my second internship, it sucked.  I went to this flower shop a few days a week for about four hours because that was all that I could stand.  I would haul buckets of water because I was treated just like free labor.  It was a joke.

In August 2012, a few months before I was to graduate, I started applying for jobs.  That was the start of hardship.  After I had graduated, I landed an interview for a great job with the University of Nebraska's College of Business but was the second choice.  Of course the first choice ended up accepting the position.  I had wasted three months.  At least I had learned that universities take a very long time making decisions.

After that, I spent months applying for jobs.  Jobs that were not only in Lincoln, but other places.  I worked at doing some floral work that later would seem to be on an as needed, only seasonal basis.  I just never heard from them again when August came.  In that time, I also started working for State Farm part-time.  I thought that was going to be great.  I thought that it could be a career even.  But I started feeling like I was never going to be full-time.  It started to make me nervous.  Then I was laid off permanently.  This was particularly hard because it had been a church friend.  I felt like I had been offered something and then it was just taken back.

Then, the hardest thing of all was working for a few weeks and then being fired for no reason.  That will stay with me for a while because it was so painful.  I have doubted so much because of that.

However, the week after I was fired, I landed the best unpaid internship that I have had yet.  If I had not been fired, I would not have been looking for jobs and would not have made the internship team since that was the final week before the team for the Summer wedding season was announced.  So, something good did come from being fired.

Being an intern at twenty-four years old, after graduating from college, was very difficult.  There were times that I felt pathetic because some interns were as young as eighteen.  The internship was hard work.  Long days, long nights.  But I gained a reputation and a name with the elite industries in Utah.  When I interviewed with who is now my soon-to-be boss, she recognized the name Michelle Leo and remembered that there was a wedding in August at the Montage that had been planned by this particular wedding planner.

I worked hard, performed well, and became appreciated as an intern.  Without a doubt, working with Michelle Leo Events (as well as having a degree in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management with an emphasis in Event Planning and Lodging) is what landed me this job.

Even though having one more unpaid internship was not what I had planned for myself, it helped me out in the end.  And, even though I have had days where I have felt like spending so much money and time with college was a waste, I think it is about to pay off.

Going into my first interview at Montage, I felt like I wanted to make this a career.  That is what I plan to do.  There are some great properties and today I learned that another property is going to be opening.  Montage Deer Valley opened in 2010.  Two additional properties opened this year.  If a luxury hotel and resort company can thrive when the economy has been this bad, I feel pretty confident that it will continue to do well.  Now that is reassuring!!  No more small companies.  No more homemade companies.  No more, I say!!!  No more!!!

Montage Deer Valley has over seven hundred employees in their peak season.  This property will be like a well-oiled machine.  I look forward to working in a successful atmosphere.

I've worked hard for this job.  I've done my time.  It hasn't been pleasant at all.  I'm hoping that things will be routine and simple for a little while.  No more waking up wondering what I can scrounge up online to apply for.

I know days will be hard.  I will get some difficult guests, have some bad days.  But even a bad day working at a luxury resort is better than any day being unemployed.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Post We Have All Been Waiting For

Drumroll please....

I finally got a job!!!!!

And, it is an even better position than what I had interviewed for on Saturday.  This job is going to be full-time, year-round.  There are some amazing benefits, including health, dental, and vision insurance.  The pay is better than any of my other jobs I have had in the past.  I will get complimentary meals, dry cleaning, and a ski pass.

I will be the Guest Relations Agent.

Some of what I will be doing helping guests after they have made reservations.  I will give information about the property, area amenities, and informing about special events and activities at the property or in Park City.

There are some wonderful events that take place here.  First of all, the Sundance Film Festival is in Park City.  Second, Deer Valley Resort is the number one ski resort in America.  There is the Ski World Cup that is held there as well.  I'm hoping that the Olympics come back to Utah.  I am bound to meet some very neat people.

I'm so excited and it is even better than I thought it would be!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Morning In Park City

I am going to make an effort to keep up with posting on my blog instead of posting way after the fact.  Leading up to today has been rough.  I knew that I had this interview all week.  Literally.  Just because of that, I have been stressed.  It was a long week.  I did get a lot accomplish though and that was nice.

So, today, I woke up early to get ready to head off to Park City.  Park City is an interesting set up.  There are different areas to this place.  There is "interstate Park City", Canyons Resort, modern Park City and the Park City Mountain Resort area, Main Street Park City, and then Deer Valley.  There are two ways to get to Park City - by interstate or over the mountain.  Recently, I drive to Park City via interstate and then over the mountain when coming back.  When I go via interstate, it takes a little under an hour to get to Montage, which is at the furthest point, past the town portion of Park City.

With all that nonsense being said, it is a beautiful drive and I don't mind it at all.  Also, if you didn't catch it, there are three resorts associated with Park City: Canyons Resort, Park City Mountain Resort, and Deer Valley.  Montage is with Deer Valley.  It is a beautiful property and I can't wait to see what this mountain resort town looks like in Winter.  Montage is a fairly new property which just opened in 2010.  There are a few different Montage properties and all are in very beautiful locations.  This property is Montage Deer Valley.

I got to Park City about thirty minutes early so I parked on Main Street for a little while and then parked in the Deer Valley area for a few minutes as well.  I wanted to be early!!!  When I went inside, about ten minutes early, I did wait a little bit before my interview.  My interview went great!!!  I knew it was going to be good when I saw a picture of this particular manger with George W. Bush on his desk as well as his book.  I still do not know for sure if I have this job, but he told me multiple times that I am a good candidate for the position and he doesn't see why I wouldn't get the position.  I will get a call in the next few days and then know for sure.  The waiting is not fun.

The past few months have been hard.  But when I find out if I do have the job, it will still be hard for a little while.  I have been planning on moving if I do get the job.  Just thinking about moving makes me feel not well.  Hopefully this time next year, things will just be calm and uneventful.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The End of September

I was hoping to be all caught up with September at the end of September, but somehow that did not happen.  So, one more post to wrap things up.  Then, for the first time in nearly three months, I will be all caught up on the blog!!

On Saturday, September 20th, I did my last wedding.  Contrary to some disgruntled comments I received on a Facebook status, this wedding was not required.  I volunteered of my own free will to fill in for another intern.  I was not signed up for this event, I was not required to work this event, and I was not paid for this event.  However, I decided to further my career and work this wedding despite it being the biggest Husker football game in the past few years.  My soul still cries a little when I think about missing that game, because it was actually on a channel that I have.  *sigh*

There was only one other intern that worked this wedding.  We had a bare bones staff.  Less than half of what we needed for the day.  I have taken this internship very serious and I think that is going to pay off in the end.  It was actually a really good day.  It was myself and another girl who is very serious about event planning, plus a paid member of the staff and the owner.  We made a great team for the day.  It was hard work and there was little down time, but it was a really good wedding.

The location was Victory Ranch, which is in the Park City / Kamas area.  Very beautiful.  More ranch-like (obviously) than mountain-like.  It was warmer than expected, but still comfortable.  Sometimes a little hot.  This location happens to only allow about two to three weddings each year.  It is a very exclusive location and I'm glad that I could be part of it.

It was a long day with lots of hard work, but it was definitely one of my favorite weddings from this year.  With that said, my internship is officially finished.  There were two weddings on Saturday, September 27th.  I did not work either of those weddings.  This was my fourth unpaid internship.  Can I take a moment to just say that I hope this was my last?!?!  I've done my time.  I've worked hard!

This past weekend, I thought that there was a chance that I might be called to fill in for another intern.  There must have been a stern email sent out because I didn't hear anything.  I have filled in for almost the same amount of weddings that I was signed up for.  This past weekend, there was rain.  There was a wedding outside at a ranch that had to have some last minute changes made, but it did turn out to be very beautiful.  Thank goodness for tents!!!  I think there will be a final get together with all the interns sometime later this month.  Even though it was kind of crushing to have just one more unpaid internship, it was a spectacular experience and I have been to some great places.

The wedding at Victory Ranch was very beautiful.  It was a ranch wedding with the romantic, feminine touches with soft pinks and lots of candles.  You can make a ranch wedding pretty!!!  There does not need to be burlap!!!

The day before this wedding, I finally got my Utah license plates.  It finally happened.  I thought that I could maybe avoid this forever.  I was so scared that I would get some awful random letters, like STD.  It is way more common than you would think.  However, Utah, unlike Nebraska's larger cities, have a better system.  One letter, two numbers, two letters, one number.  Much better odds.  I did end up with an X, but it kind of makes me feel like a spy or something.

I mentioned in a previous post that I interviewed with Montage last week.  Two interviews down and one is scheduled for later this week.  Could I finally be done with writing cover letters?!?!  It has been the hardest year of my life.  I have been so alone with only my thoughts.  It has been a very trying time.  The past month, it was so hard to continuing writing cover letters, filling out applications, and writing those weird statements.  My interviews last week went well.  I looked very nice, was in a pretty place, and felt like I answered questions well.  My next interview is this Saturday.  Then I will probably take more pictures of trees up in the mountains on my way back.

This past weekend was a perfect hermit weekend.  After having an altercation with a fellow driver, the last thing I wanted to do was be around people.  So I didn't leave my apartment all weekend.  It was one of those glorious days where I watch football for literally half the day.  Like from eleven to eleven.  It was a gloomy, rainy day - which I love every once in a while.  I started burning my Pumpkin Buttercream candle, which made my apartment smell like Fall.  And, I made fajitas.  It was a glorious day!!!  I also spent the day cleaning, which I do enjoy.  My apartment is filled with pumpkins that I have accumulated over the years.  Littleberry enjoys walking through "the pumpkin tunnel" and sitting behind my tree.

Littleberry has been wonderful.  His once short haircut is all but forgotten and his luscious locks have taken over.  He enjoys sitting in the morning sunshine, laying behind the couch, or being in one of his other special spots.  With another move coming up, I'm planning on having him registered as an Emotional Support Dog - which means that no apartment can turn me away, even if they do not allow pets.  He will even have an ID.

There will be lots of changes coming up in the near future.  It stresses me out, but I'm just ready to get things going.  Get me to a place that can be more longterm!!!  I'm sick of this temporary stuff and just waiting around!!!  I feel so out of control.  I'm hoping that by this time next year, the past few years will just be something to joke about.  "Remember that one time you moved to Midvale, Utah?  How dumb was that!"  Or, "Remember when you were trying to pass you insurance exam?  Like you really wanted to do that longterm!"  Ugh, there have been so many stupid things the past few years.  Like I have said many times before, I'm so ready for a boring life.  Give me a job where I can have a routine and know where I'm supposed to be everyday.  I'm sick of uncertainty.

Anyways, I like Fall more and more each year.  I really loved going up in the mountains last week because it smells good.  You get out of this sick smog and it literally smells like a mint or a piece of gum.  It is so crisp and fresh.  It is also quiet.  I hate hearing traffic at any given moment of the day.

Well, I'm finally caught up.  There will hopefully be some big things to post this month.  Hopefully it will be a better month than the others I have endured this year.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pictures of Fall

Last week, on Monday, I got a very wonderful email.  It was from the Montage Deer Valley located in Park City.  It is one of the finest hotels.  And when I say hotel, I mean about one thousand dollars a night hotel.  I sent an application in the week before and they wanted me to come and interview.  They were having a career fair day the next day, on Tuesday, so I went.

Rewind to Monday...I bought a very nice white shirt to wear with some of my dress pants and used a gift card to buy some heels.  I also bought my first necklace that is one of the larger accent pieces.  It is definitely a favorite and something I will wear a lot when a job does come.

So on Tuesday, I arrived at the Montage in Park City for my interview.  There was complimentary valet service for that day and I'm thankful once again that I have a new car because I would have wanted to park the old Impala myself...down the street!

I interview with two different people that day and feel like it went very well.  The second person was familiar with Michelle Leo Events, which was good for me.  They told me that I would hear something next week (which will be sometime this week).

It's nerve-wracking but exciting.  I also had a nice lunch that day and drove over the mountain to take some Fall pictures.  I'm hoping to go back up in the mountains and take some more pictures this week.  These pictures were taken just outside Park City and near Brighton ski resort up Big Cottonwood Canyon.