The Bergen Family - Bergen's In the Corn

The Bergen Family - Bergen's In the Corn

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Donut a Day

It seems that I am always behind in blogging.  Or I am over-posting.  The past week has been a crazy one.  Let's start at last Sunday.

Last Sunday, I went up Big Cottonwood Canyon and there was the July birthday party with the Layton family.  We had some great food and there was even a little squirrel that came and ate some of the food that we set out.  He liked watermelon and took some up the tree with him.  It had been raining off and on throughout the afternoon, but it did stop once the evening came.

We were just about to leave the cabin and I thought I would go to the bathroom since we were going to hike to a waterfall.  I got in and closed the door, and the lights went out!!  This was a very dark, little room with a sliding lock.  I grabbed my phone and darted out the door.  Because the cabin is used mainly on the weekends, the power is shut off when it is not in use.  This always happens to me.  Many times, on planes, I will be in the restroom when there starts to be turbulence.  The lights shut off in the bathroom on planes and then the alert comes on.  Not fun.

We left and headed up the canyon to go on a hike to Donut Falls.  This was a hike that was about half a mile to the waterfall.  The creek gushes through a donut-shaped hole in the mountain.  There is a cave under the "donut".  The waterfall goes through the "donut hole" and into the cave.  Really neat!!!  I loved this.  It was a perfect day.  Despite it being Summer, as we got close to the waterfall, I could see my breath and also see my breath in the cave.  It was pretty chilly!!!  This was my first climbing experience.  We had to climb to get to the waterfall.  It was worth it.  I was super sore for two days afterwards though.  We also had to maneuver our way across rocks and logs in the creek.  This was kind of difficult for a flatlander.  I basically gave up and walked through some areas of the creek.  My shoes were soaked!!!  When we were climbing, Alex kept saying that it was like walking on stairs.  All I could think of was that I don't know any stairs that are like this!!!  I am getting better at being outdoorsy.

The rest of the week, I was doing some busy car things.  On Tuesday, I finally got some things done at the DMV.  I have to get a safety and emissions test though since I am in Utah.  On Wednesday, I spent three hours getting my car worked on.  After hours, I still did not pass the emissions test - which means that my poor little flatlander car is harming the air here.  It is single-handedly causing smog in the Salt Lake Valley!!!  I will continue my car quest tomorrow.

I will continue on my blog catching up tomorrow.  This was three days worth!

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Star is Born

Later this afternoon, I got an email saying that PBteen (Pottery Barn) had mentioned me in a tweet.  They had re-gramed (copied) a picture that I had posted of Littleberry in his suitcase bed.  I had tagged PBteen in one of my pictures the other day when he got home from his grooming appointment because he looked so cute in his bed.  He matched the PBteen Chihuahua pillow.

Today, they posted that picture on their official page.  As of right now, he has over one thousand "likes" on his picture!!!  I can't believe it!!!  Littleberry - the dog that was up for adoption for almost two years.  The dog that nobody wanted.  The dog that cost fifty dollars.  He is a star!!!!

My famous Chihuahua has been seen by many people on Instagram and Twitter.  He is on his way to becoming a male model.

Twenty Days in a Nutshell

Let's go back a few weeks.  I never did blog about my adventure on June 29.  I went over to eat a lovely meal with the Laytons and then Blaine and I went to an area called the slips (Salt Lake Slips).  It is a rock wall area that is right by the river.  There are a lot of trees and it is very shady and it would be a nice place to spend an afternoon.  I'm sure eventually I will try climbing one day, maybe.  He had me try just getting a few feet off the ground and gripping the rock.  We watched different climbers there and I learned all about the art of climbing.  On our way back to the road, we had to cross different areas of the river.  While it was only a few inches deep, I did fall off the rocks that made a makeshift path and got my shoes wet.  But it was a great afternoon!!!

The remainder of the week was spent listening to the crazy people in Midvale shoot off fireworks at all hours of the day and night.  This started about a week before the Fourth of July and went three or four days afterwards.  It was crazy.

The Fourth of July was over, but the fireworks stands were, and are, still open.  I did not understand this.  Last Saturday, I even saw one open and selling.  I found out that Pioneer Day is supposedly even more crazy than the Fourth here.  I find that exceptionally weird.  Fireworks are sold for this Utah holiday.  Hence the fireworks.  Last night, I heard people starting to shoot of fireworks again.  I love fireworks, but this is getting old.

The night of the Fourth, I got a text from a fellow intern, literally at the eleventh hour asking if I would fill in for her at a wedding the next day.  I still find that so ridiculous, even now!  I said no.

Instead of working a wedding on the 5th, I did laundry.  This was laundry that I even had to dry, which takes extra time and extra money.  When I went to get my things out of the dryer, I realized that one had dried but the other, the one containing my sheets and pillow cases, was still wet.  I was furious!!!  So, I had to quickly hang my wet sheets and pillowcases outside and throughout my apartment for things to dry before I went to bed.  It was awful.

The 5th is also Littleberry's two year adoption anniversary!!

In the early morning hours on July 6th, I woke up feeling horribly ill.  I was sick for a few days and it was miserable.  I hadn't felt good for a few days (since about the Fourth).  I'm still not sure if I had a virus or if I poisoned myself with my Fourth of July meal.  It was terrible.

Last weekend, the 12th, I filled in for another intern at a wedding at Snowbasin.  It was a pretty good day all around.  The wedding ceremony was up the mountain on a patio of a different lodge while the reception was down the mountain at another lodge.  To get to the top (Needles Lodge), you had to take a gondola up the mountain.  This was about a twelve minute ride.  I haven't been on anything like that and it was a great experience with a fantastic view!!!  The reception was in Earl's Lodge.  While I'm not big on patterned carpet and leather chairs, it was actually a wonderful setting.  We were not sure how it would look since it was not a rustic theme but in a rustic setting.  It was beautiful and the flowers were some of my favorites from this whole Summer.

The day before this wedding (Friday the 11th), I felt like my apartment was extra warm.  When I got back super late from working this wedding, my apartment was so hot.  My air conditioner had died - and it was the weekend.  It also was the hottest Salt Lake City has been all year - about one hundred degrees or hotter every day.  Sunday was a long, hot afternoon.

On Sunday, I also watched the World Cup final.  I watched a lot of the World Cup this year.  I wouldn't exactly say that I am a soccer fan and I definitely don't understand a lot of it, but it entertained me.

Monday, I called about my air.  It was totally dead and could not be repaired until either Wednesday or Thursday.  It ended up being Thursday.  I had a mobile A/C unit that was brought to my bedroom for the week; however, it didn't really do much good other than making my bedroom feel like a freezer.  And it was said to be able to cool a three bedroom apartment.  Hmm....  It did get fixed yesterday and it has never felt so good!!!

This week, I have been very busy just tending to things.  I had an appointment, I purchased auto insurance, transferred renters insurance, Littleberry was groomed, I made a wreath.  Just lots of random things.  Littleberry looks so good!!!  He had such long hair and had not been groomed in a very long time.  Since either February or March.  His hair is very short right now, but I think it will be good for Summer.  He kind of looks like a corn dog.  Or Mr. Winkle, or a Corgi.  He's so small without all his luscious, long hair!!  So, I finally got auto insurance in the state of Utah.  I also transferred my renters insurance.  Yesterday, my creepy, local State Farm insurance called me and basically interrogated me and ridiculed me.  I have never been to this local State Farm office and they have creeped me out since I had my policy transferred in January.  This man was asking personal questions on what I was paying, why I had switched, telling me that Farmers is paid commission, telling me that I don't have as good of coverage and will have to pay more, and other crazy things.  My personal favorite was when he asked me something and I said that that was personal.  He said that it is not personal, it's public.  I was so fired up and even got off my couch and was standing up (standing my ground), and then he hung up on me.  I guess I've turned into that person who people hang up on.  I have since blocked their number and will be reporting him to the regional office.  Also, they were charging me a policy that had been cancelled.  They owe me six months of payment on a policy.  I was, and still am, furious!!!

I made a beautiful wreath for my mom.  It is all colors that she loves - a sage green, gray, white, and a light brown.  Yesterday, I went to Hobby Lobby to get some extra things to embellish it so I could mail it to her soon.  It has one big flower, a few smaller flowers, and some feathers.  It is gorgeous!!  I think she needs to get an owl pillow to go with it to sit on the front porch.  It is a perfect wreath that can go with just about any season.  While it was designed with my mom in mind, it definitely has a signature "Emily was here" look to it.

That is the past twenty days in a nutshell.  It has been hot and dry here.

The arch at the wedding ceremony.  Loved the flowers!! 

The view from my gondola going up to Needles Lodge. 

Looking fancy!! 

He is very proud of his fresh haircut. 

The reception space at Earl's Lodge. 

Tongue out!!  Matching his Chihuahua pillow. 

My collage of Fourth of July memories.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Bombs Bursting in Air

Holy moly!!!  Fourth of July in the Salt Lake Valley is insane.  "Salt Lake City" is really several towns in one valley.  I'm assuming that each town has their own fireworks show.  From my apartment, looking South, there were at least eight visible fireworks shows.  And they were all huge and for a long time.  I can't even describe it.  There were just so many fireworks!!!  Here is a picture that sort of represents what I saw.  This picture is taken here in Salt Lake City.

Plus, since I live in a valley, the fireworks echo and it is just endless booming rolling around. A very neat experience.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Walk On the Wild Side

A few days ago, I saw a funny animal video on Facebook.  I then proceeded to check out others on YouTube.  My mom and I have been laughing for days now!!

The first one is a compilation of videos from "Walk On the Wild Side".  Here is the link:

The little prairie dog is definitely a favorite.  So, I found a clip that is just of him.  Here is the link for that:  Make sure your volume is up at the very beginning, because it starts off quiet.

I have since watched other videos because this is an actual series.  They are very funny!!  A favorite of mine in the first video is the sharks.

This makes me miss the zoo.

The Tale of the Wasp Nest

First of all, I have always found the word "wasp" difficult to say.  It just sounds like a lisp.

Last week, I was sitting on the floor in my living room and I saw something by my big sliding doors in the living room.  From a ways back, I thought it might be a frog.  Then I saw that it was a wasp nest.  Horrified, I wondered where did it come from and how was I going to get rid of it.  Always thinking the worst in people, I thought that someone threw it on my porch.  I definitely still believe that since I have not seen a nest in my area and because I have thoroughly sprayed my porch and all surrounding areas.

I thought that I would ignore it for now.  Less than an hour later, I was on the phone with my mom and telling her about it and went to look at it and it was gone!!!!  Equally as horrified as before, I now thought, "Did someone come on my porch to get rid of it?"  I still am not sure where it went.  I took a picture to send to my mom and show her where it had been.

Then, not that long after I had seen that it was gone, it was back!!!!  By this point, I was really freaked out.  How could it be there, then gone, and then back again?!?!  My mom suggested that it was the nasty critters inside the nest that were making it move.  That in and of itself is disgusting and horrifying.

About a week later, I still have not tended to it.  I wanted to make sure any living thing left in the nest was either gone or dead.  I did spray it last week, so hopefully things are all dead.

Today, there has been some crazy wind.  It is back to rolling around my poor porch.  The lawn people usually mow and do other work on Thursday.  I've been waiting for them because they always make my porch full of grass, leaves, and mulch, and then I sweep it off.  So, later today, I will be ferociously sweeping away this wretched wasp nest once and for all.  I just hope that it doesn't mysteriously show up again.  It is definitely unwelcome here!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weekend Ranch Wedding

This past weekend, I had another wedding that I helped with.  It was located at White Pines Canyon at the Waldorf Astoria Park City.  I feel like that is a very glamorous sentence!  The property was just purchased earlier this year.  It was another windy day and even though it was partially in a barn, the wind was blowing things all over.  There were quite a few things that had been messed up by the Waldorf staff, which made for a stressful afternoon.  Some of the linens were inside out and some of the tables were the wrong size.  It's annoying having to redo so many things when you are on such a tight schedule.  It's even more annoying when it should be a fine staff.  I had to squeeze in an extra table setting to one table and then use up extra space on a different table.

The reception area, which was the "barn", did look very nice in the end.  I wouldn't ever want a barn wedding, but it was nice if that is what you are wanting.

I did love the ceremony area though.  It would be gorgeous in the Fall because the area was covered in Aspens.  The backdrop really was amazing.

It was a pretty good day and it wasn't as much manual labor as the week before.  Believe it or not, I still have bruises on my legs from that wedding an hauling so much heavy stuff!!

One thing I really did love about this wedding was all the Peonies.  They were very lovely.

Now, I won't have another wedding for about a month.  It will be nice to have some weekends free.  Working weddings takes a lot out of you.  That wedding will actually be my last one as long as nothing else changes with the schedule.  I believe that will also be a Park City wedding.